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THe Idea...

Bring users of this tractor together in a facebook group to get the most out of owning and operating their Massey Ferguson subcompacts.

Explosive growth

From one member to over 5000 members in no time at all, creating a vibrant online community with a shared purpose.

Community Support and merchandising opportunities

Running a successful merchandising operation that can support the vibrant group of like-minded owners.


Group members are sure to learn something new about their tractor every single day.

Positive Attitude

Maintaining a healthy community of owners who treat each other with respect.


Ease of maintenance, with minimal moderation needed.

long term effects

Regular updates to the group foster more interaction and allow the group and your brand to grow!

Be up-to-date and start a professional social media campaign right now!

Let xnodesign help you create your online marketing presence through the use of photography, video, or animation to reach new and existing customers

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